The Mitochondrial Care Network (MCN) is working to help improve care for all patients with mitochondrial disease.

Our goals are to ensure that everyone with mitochondrial disease receives expert, multidisciplinary care by an experienced medical team.

We are also trying to standardize care so that patients can receive the best care as close to home as possible. For those that cannot reach a Mitochondrial Center, we are at work to create a Telehealth-based Virtual Care Network. We would like to ensure that excellent mitochondrial care and opportunities to participate in research are available to everyone.

To begin the process we have already started gathering data from all of our sites - from both physicians and families. This includes finding out the parts of care that work as well as the parts that do not. Plans for the future include families having access to a centralized coordinator, an online patient education tool kit, creation of a mitochondrial disease risk calculator, improving patient care satisfaction, and beginning the hard work of standardizing care at each site.

For all of these efforts we need your help.

Please consider a donation of any denomination to the MCNs to help advance our work for patients and families.

A donation of any denomination can help towards our achieving our goals of providing you with better mitochondrial care. Even an amount as small as $1 is appreciated.

Check back here to keep informed of our accomplishments.

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